September 2021

9/28. Chanmi's paper on XDR S. Typhi clinical isolates is published ( Congrats!

9/27. Liaoqi joins the lab as a rotation graduate student. Welcome!

9/24. Gi Young's paper on the whole genome sequencing and analysis of S. Typhi ISP2825 is accepted for publication. Congrats!

9/21-24. The lab joined Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting on Microbial Pathogenesis & Host Response. Jeongmin gave a talk. Chanmi, Sohyoung, and Tri presented their posters. Good science and good people!

9/20. Our anaerobic chamber is installed, up and running!

9/15. Hari, David, and Durga's paper on typhoid toxin-neutralizing nanobodies has been submitted. Best wishes to all of us!

August 2021

8/30. Julia joins the lab as a rotation graduate student. Welcome!

8/30. Manyun joins the lab as a postdoctoral associate! Welcome!

8/24. Our protocol paper "Direct IgG epitope mapping on bacterial AB toxins by cryo-EM" is accepted!

8/17. Complete genome sequence of S. Typhi ISP2825 has been released in NCBI (Genbank accession number: CP080960). An associated manuscript featuring ISP2825's genome characteristics has been submitted to a resource journal!

July 2021

7/29. Jeongmin spoke about "Targeting drug-resistant infections" as part of the K-BioX Global Mentoring Program to encourage bright next-gen scientists to join the infectious disease research community and tackle the global threat together!

7/29. We celebrated our recent paper accepted by Cell Reports! Congrats to all co-authors, including Dr. Nicholas Mantis's group at New York State Department of Health and Dr. Chris Fromme's group here at Cornell!!! This paper explains a 3D structure associated intrinsic mechanism affecting neutralizing efficacies of antibodies. We used typhoid toxin and javiana toxin as examples. We applied the experimental findings to other asymmetrical AB5 toxins (E. coli PltAB toxin, cholera toxin, Shiga toxin, pertussis toxin), highlighting new features in the toxin-antibody interactions and offering important insights into anti-toxin strategies. We are very proud of this work! Please check it out when the final version becomes available.

7/26. Our research article entitled "The structural basis of Salmonella A2B5 toxin neutralization by antibodies targeting the glycan-receptor binding subunits" is accepted by Cell Reports!!! Available at SSRN:

7/14. Our recent review article "Glycan-Mediated Molecular Interactions in Bacterial Pathogenesis" is now available online in Trends in Microbiology. Feel free to share it with your network!,L%7EyCfUxU. Also, feel free to share your feedback with us!

7/7-8. Jeongmin joined one of the NIH study sections evaluating graduate student and postdoc training grants (F30, F31, and F32). Obtained many useful information about mentoring next-gen scientists. Ready to implement them!

7/1. Hwa Young joined the lab. Welcome!

June 2021

6/23. **Lab Happy Hour** Saroj, thanks for organizing the event! Saroj, Tri, and Philip will be the planning committee for the future Lab Happy Hour events! Looking forward

6/22. Our recent review article on "Glycan-Mediated Molecular Interactions in Bacterial Pathogenesis" is accepted by Trends in Microbiology for publication! All co-authors, thanks for your insightful and enjoyable contribution to this article!

6/22. Our collaboration work with Dr. Qamar group at Government College University Faisalabad in Pakistan on "XDR S. Typhi isolates from pediatric septicemia patients" is online! BioRxiv doi:

6/21. Alex Chong (a former member) starts his MD/PhD dual degree program this week at Albert Einstein Medical School. Exciting! Best wishes, Alex!

6/14-18. Yi-An Yang (a former member) visited the lab for a week and offered her expert opinion on Durga's project on maternal antibody transfer. Thanks, Yi-An! Best wishes on your summer externship in Buffalo and ongoing DVM training at Oklahoma State University!

6/16. Hwa Young joined the lab as a postdoctoral associate! Her official start date is 7/1. Welcome!

6/16. Received a new NIH grant award supporting our pilot research. Exciting!

6/1. Julia joined the lab as a research assistant during this summer. Welcome!

May 2021

20-21 graduates in the Song Lab! Congratulations!

Katherine Stanford, BS, College of Arts and Sciences , Microbiology concentration with honors. Kate obtained a postbaccalaureate IRTA program fellowship at NIH. Best wishes in your future endeavors!

Sean Inzerillo, BS, College of Arts and Sciences, Microbiology concentration with honors. Sean started his clinical research assistant position at Columbia University Medical School. Best wishes in your future endeavors!

Sophia Qu, BS, College of Arts and Sciences, Microbiology concentration. Sophia will start her PhD study at Weill Cornell. She obtained a NSF GRFP fellowship for her graduate study. Best wishes in your future endeavors!

Sohyoung received a Biocytogen Best Paper Award. Congratulations!

Changhwan and Yi-An's work, in collaboration with Dr. Mantis group at New York State Department of Health, on "Mechanisms of typhoid toxin neutralization by antibodies targeting glycan receptor binding and nuclease subunits" is published in iScience. Great job, everyone! Available at

April 2021

Durga's review article on "Enteric fever diagnosis: current challenges and future directions" is published in Pathogens. Great job, Durga! Available at

Feb 2021

Send off party for Prof. Ahn's departure. Changhwan took his faculty position at Jeju National University Vet School. Best wishes in your future endeavors!

Jan 2021

1/1. Erick and Gi Young joined the lab as postdoctoral associates. Welcome!